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ScreenMaster is an app designed to allow you to quickly, intuitively and accurately take screenshots of your desktop, websites and presentations. This powerful program includes advanced functions that allow you to resize images, keeping them very high quality.

ScreenMaster can capture and manage any image from your screen, whether that be the complete screen or just a part of it. In addition, it's very useful for recording images directly from the webcam and you are able able to take snapshots automatically every certain amount of time or manually by clicking the print screen key.

The screenshots can be saved in the most common image file formats: BMP, JPG and PNG. In addition, if you want to personalize ScreenMaster's options, you just have to double-click on the configuration icon and adjust everything you need to: the image format and quality, the directory where you want to save the images, and the keyboard shortcuts.

Compatible with JPEG, BMP and PNG file formats.


30 day trial.

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